Why I'm Running, How I'll Lead

Thanks for visiting our campaign's website. I'm running for Governor because there is an opportunity to make New Hampshire the best state in America to start a family AND to start a business.

Doing so, however, takes a specific kind of leadership:

The strongest record of fiscal responsibility in an executive position, and the most progressive values and policies, of anybody running for Governor in either party. I have specific proposals that I have developed over 15+ years of being an auditor, a mayor, Director of Corporate Relations for UNH, a small business person, the son of immigrants, and a parent and husband.

As Governor, I will improve our economy and quality of life, attracting new talent into our state, and keeping our homegrown talent here, by focusing on the four areas hundreds of residents, civic, and business leaders have told me matter most to New Hampshire's future:

  • Combating the state’s heroin and opioid crisis
  • Working to deliver America's highest-performing public schools for all New Hampshire children
  • Strengthening our local and regional infrastructure, including bridges, roads, water, wastewater, and electric grid
  • Creating tax and regulatory policies that make New Hampshire the best state in America to start a business

I have specific price tags and detailed proposals for all these plans, and specific, sustainable ways to pay for them. No other candidate can say the same thing.

While we do all that, I am proud to be the most progressive candidate running for Governor.

Steve_NHDP1.PNGI'm the only major candidate who wants to legalize marijuana. Regulating marijuana will reduce opiate abuse, reduce judicial, law enforcement, and incarceration costs, improve health care outcomes, and generate significant revenue.

I'm the only candidate who is 100% opposed to the death penalty. If it is wrong in the future, it is also wrong today.

I'm the only candidate who supports paid family leave for employees having a child, or dealing with a dying parent. The United State and Papua New Guinea are the only two countries in the world without paid family leave. No other candidate - in either party - understands we can reduce employee turnover, address pay inequity, and improve child health outcomes with paid family leave.

I'm the only candidate who is 100% opposed to Northern Pass, which threatens the natural beauty of the northernmost part of our beautiful state - and which would incur significant costs to our state with virtually no benefits to our electricity ratepayers.

100% pro-choice

Proponent of same-sex marriage and of increasing protections in employment and housing policy based on gender identity and sexual orientation

Make Medicaid expansion permanent

"I am the most fiscally responsible candidate, and have the most progressive values. Indeed, that is the future of New Hampshire."

Thank you again for visiting our website. I ask for your support, be it with your time, a donation, or - most importantly - your vote in our primary on Tuesday, September 13th. 


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