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Go Strong... or Don't Go at All

One year down, and seven months to go, to make history.

This week marked one year since I announced my candidacy for Governor in 2018. It was the earliest anybody had ever announced, for good reason - it is tough to be beat a first-term incumbent in NH, mainly because the party out of office always waits until the election year to get started. 2018 would be no different - unless we were willing to match our passion and ideas with an unprecedented early start, work ethic, and energy.

And so we did. 200 meet-and-greets. The most money ever raised by a non-incumbent for a December report. And over 26,000 identified supporters. We are achieving things that have never been done in NH, because if you want to make history, either go strong...or don't go at all.

Seven months from today is Election Day. And after meeting thousands of people in the past year, we know this: We will not expand health care coverage; strengthen our local public schools; reduce the threat of gun violence; or expand commuter rail by persuading Chris Sununu. We will only achieve progress by replacing Chris Sununu.

The way to replace Gov. Sununu is clear: Leadership that is bold, young, and aspirational. A governor with the vision to know where to go, the competence to know how to get there, and the courage to say it out loud. You & I are going to make history.

In 2018, there is no substitute for victory.



PS: Tomorrow (Saturday, the 7th) is National Town Hall Day for Our Lives, and I'll be hosting the only two town halls in NH. I've been leading on reducing the threat of gun violence with a seven-point plan & visits across the state, & we need you to use your voice Saturday! We start at the South Church in Portsmouth at 10am, and then head to the Nashua Library for 3:30pm. All are welcome, but young people 18 & under will get first priority for asking questions & sharing their thoughts. Let's show our strength in numbers on Saturday!

Posted on April 6, 2018.