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Once in 36 Years

Once in 36 Years

2017 began with a simple premise: To wait is to lose. It requires a lot of energy to work this hard, for this long - but the support and kindness of thousands of New Hampshirites provide all the energy needed to maintain this intensity right through 2018.

Only once in the last 36 years has an incumbent governor been defeated - which makes the message we will send when we succeed in 2018 all the more powerful. And it means we'll need a Democratic nominee who will work harder than we've ever worked, with a grassroots base broader than we've ever built. Nothing less will suffice - that is what we're building.

I am ready to continue building our grassroots efforts all the way through 2018, but I cannot do it without you. Will you give $15, $25, or $50 before the new year?

2018 is the year you and I make history. We have a significant December 31st financial deadline. Join the 735+ donors who have already decided that in the name of victory in 2018, waiting is simply not an option in 2017.

Chip in $25 today and help make our state the best place to start a business and raise a family.

New Hampshire gets one statewide chance to communicate how we feel about the future of our state and country in 2018 - the race for Governor. Communicate how you feel by helping our campaign today.

On to victory,


Posted on December 30, 2017.