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Right now! Seize this opportunity

This week, Gov. Sununu confirmed that he’s running for re-election. We’re only 20 months away from Election Day. That makes it sound like we’ve got time, but Gov. Chris Sununu is already working on raising big money from his special interest buddies.

We don’t have a second to spare. Donate today and stand with me for a better New Hampshire.

Right now, you can communicate how you feel about the future of our state and country.

Right now, you can say how you feel about false accusations of voter fraud.

Right now, you can voice your opinion on the U.S. leaving the Paris Climate Accord.

Right now, you can communicate that cutting corporate taxes at the expense of education, addiction treatment, or local property tax relief is wrong for New Hampshire.

Right now, you can be an advocate for protecting health insurance coverage for the most vulnerable members of our communities.

And you can tell Gov. Sununu that right now is exactly the right time to talk about reducing gun violence.

We know that Chris Sununu has the advantage. He’s an incumbent Governor with a famous last name. Right now, you have an opportunity to be part of a campaign for leadership with competence, vision, and courage. Chip in today and let’s get it done!

To act now is to win. And when we win, we will lead.

Posted on October 6, 2017.