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Got 2 mins? I've got a story for you.

I know it sounds funny, but this weekend at the New Hampshire Democratic Party State Convention, I told the story of a Republican I met.

Paul was in ​​Bedford at my 94th meet-and-greet of the campaign. Paul is about 60-years-old and he’s a life-long Republican. Paul came to meet me because he believes I stand FOR something – not just AGAINST Donald Trump or Governor Sununu.

And he’s right:

I stand FOR paid family leave.
I stand FOR universal health care.
I stand FOR clean water and renewable energy.
I stand FOR embracing our diversity – from our LGBTQ community to immigrants who are building a better life here.
I stand FOR the best pre-K through 12 education in the country.
I stand FOR treating drug addiction like a health problem – not a crime.
I stand FOR leadership with a bold, unmistakable mission.

Republicans, like Paul, agree with this progressive agenda – even if they won’t call it that. They know that small businesses and families thrive when we follow this formula. People from every political party agree that we need a leader with a bold and thoughtful vision. It’s what we lack in our Governor’s office. We will not move forward as a state by standing on the sidelines.

Granite Staters are coming together for our campaign for Governor – let’s show Sununu just how powerful we are. I’m setting a goal to raised $15,000 from grassroots donors by our end of quarter deadline. Donate today and let’s keep up the fight!

Posted on September 19, 2017.