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Bernie and I agree: Let's fight for working Americans!

Yesterday, I listened to Senator Bernie Sanders at a Labor Day event talking about the challenges that American workers are facing.

The solution is not out of reach if we support working families with stronger schools, better health care, and a higher minimum wage.

Thanks to the labor movement, American workers have basic safety protections, sick time, and weekends. And this movement is growing. Working Americans are leading the fight for economic, social, and racial justice – and they deserve to have elected leaders who are listening and fighting for them.

I’m standing with every worker – from teachers to steelworkers to nurses – to work toward a state that leads the nation on education, on the economy, on health care, on infrastructure, and more.

Let’s make New Hampshire the best state in America to start a family and start a business. Please donate today and let's keep up the fight!

Posted on September 5, 2017.