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There's a solution: The Vote by Mail Act.

In New Hampshire, we believe in opportunity for all, and treating others like we want to be treated.

Discrimination against anyone, including vulnerable populations who are being blocked from voting, is out of line with the values we hold dear. Unfortunately, Gov. Sununu recently signed a law to make it harder for people who are perfectly, legally entitled to vote.

I believe that we should be encouraging all American citizens to vote. Thankfully, there's a solution: The Vote by Mail Act.

Vote-by-mail increases voter turnout, gets rid of long lines on Election Day, and reduces the impact of harmful voter identification laws. Sign the petition for vote-by-mail in every state!

I'm working to protect fair elections because when every voter is heard we have a stronger state and nation, and a better democracy. Sign the petition to call on Congress to pass vote-by-mail!


Posted on August 23, 2017.