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Lend me your name!

Lend me your name!

After over 70 meet-and-greets in every county in New Hampshire, I have seen it with my own eyes. Shock turned to anger. Anger turned to energy.

Energy turned to action – an urgency to stop Donald Trump and Chris Sununu from decisions that harm education, our environment, our access to health care, and our economic future.

In these uncertain times, we need to stop the Trump/Sununu agenda, but to do it, I need your help. I'm laying out a specific, positive, progressive agenda that will improve life for you, your family, and your community.

But let's be clear: There is no substitute for victory. And victory will come when we all row in the same direction. Show New Hampshire you are committing now to doing what it takes to win in 2018. Add your name as a public supporter today, and let's build a better New Hampshire together!

Together, we can:

Deliver full-day kindergarten – and pre-K – for all New Hampshire children
Fight for the principle that access to quality health care is a right, not a luxury
Embrace the future of a clean energy economy that values the Paris Climate Agreement
Make New Hampshire the best place to start a family, and start a business

I’m running for Governor because New Hampshire needs a leader with courage, vision, and competence. It means starting early, and working hard. Now, I need your help – let's build the movement across New Hampshire. Because if we do what we need to do, we will be what we want to be.

Please add your name to our list of public supporters today. Thank you – your support gives me boundless energy!

Posted on June 20, 2017.