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Sign the petition: Stop Trump's attacks on our democracy!

Voter fraud is more rare than getting struck by lightning, and yet Donald Trump continues to claim it is true.

That’s the only way Trump can explain how he and Kelly Ayotte lost in New Hampshire—not because we rightly rejected their backwards values.

Voter fraud has been debunked by election experts and fact checkers for years. These kinds of false claims undermine voter confidence in our democracy. And yet Gov. Sununu has refused to flatly reject Donald Trump’s claims about voter fraud in New Hampshire, saying he wants to “work closely with them” to investigate.

We need a leader who puts the people of New Hampshire first and will stand up for the truth in order to safeguard the trust in our elections.

Sign my petition: Reject Trump’s voter suppression efforts!

Trump is so willing to lie at any cost in order to protect his reputation that he even claimed New Hampshire bussed in thousands of Massachusetts residents in order to sway our election. Now, he has wasted taxpayer dollars naming a dangerous commission to investigate so-called voter fraud, while the GOP’s true intention is to make it more difficult to vote for people of color, low-income adults, students, and seniors.

Absolutely no evidence exists that voter fraud occurs—and we need a leader who will speak up to defend our state against Trump’s unconstitutional actions.

Tell Congress: Reject Trump’s voter suppression efforts!


Posted on June 15, 2017.