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Listen, learn--and lead

The best way to learn is to listen.

I'm the product of Gossler Park Elementary School in Manchester, and Goffstown Area High School. My two daughters attend public school in Portsmouth. I have seen the power of quality public education to improve lives and build community.

But the strongest endorsement for quality pre-K through 12 public education I've ever seen? From CEOs and HR Directors of New Hampshire businesses during my days as the Director of Corporate Relations for UNH.

Unlike Governor Sununu, I actually spent time with over 100 New Hampshire businesses of all sizes, and asked them what makes the biggest difference in attracting and retaining the workforce they need. They listed many factors, but one was dominant: The quality of pre-K through 12 public education in their community.

It's what attracts young families to one town over another. It's what increases property values, improves quality of life, and gives peace of mind to families. It's what draws businesses, entrepreneurs, talent, and capital to a community - and keeps them there for a lifetime.

Chris Sununu talks a good game about education, but:

*Why did he nominate Frank Edelblut as Commissioner, who has no educational experience, and a demonstrated hostility to public education?

*Why does he support the use of public education dollars in voucher form to be used on private, including religious, schools?

*Why are Republicans in Concord holding fully-funded public kindergarten hostage unless the video lottery game Keno is legalized?

*Why are we one of only six states in America - and the only one east of the Rockies - that provides zero public support for pre-K?

Chip in today so that we can elect a Governor who understands the power of public education - and will deliver America's best pre-K through 12 results.

I'm focusing on keeping education dollars in the classroom, increasing starting teacher pay, restarting our school building aid program, and connecting tomorrow's economy to today's students.

Chip in now and let’s make sure that New Hampshire has schools that will attract and retain young people and their families - and be the envy of America.


Posted on May 31, 2017.