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I've got big news

I'm excited to share my news: I'm running for Governor.

Last year, with the encouragement of my friends and family, I made a last-minute entry into the 2016 race. We did well — far better than anyone expected.

After watching Donald Trump's chaotic, unhinged brand of "leadership", we need to show what competent, optimistic, aspirational leadership can do.

And after watching Chris Sununu prioritize right-wing positions on privatizing public education, weakening unions, discouraging voter turnout, failing to lead on LGBTQ equality, and pushing tax cuts for a small number of large companies at the expense of everybody else, it's more clear to me than ever that New Hampshire deserves a Governor who can make New Hampshire the best state in America to start a family and start a business.

You see, I know what economic anxiety feels like for many families today, because I grew up as a first-generation American on the West Side of Manchester in a working-class home.

My parents were immigrants to this country and neither graduated high school. Their work ethic was unmatched. They started small businesses. And they played by the rules. There were times of deep economic anxiety along the way — and they never stopped working. They are America.

Through their hard work, I was able to be the first in my family to go to college. I've had good jobs in the public and private sectors. I've been an auditor of state, county, and local governments. Spent times with scores of New Hampshire businesses in my job at UNH. And I've had the honor of serving the City of Portsmouth as a councilor and mayor.

I've lived the American Dream here in New Hampshire, and it gives me the optimism and confidence that future working families can live it, too.

But it's going to take leadership different from what we're getting in Concord or Washington right now. Chip in now and let’s get this campaign started off right!

Too many people think we have to choose: Either we help working people and their families, or we focus on growing our economy. But my experience shows me that the right priorities do both:

  • We must deliver America's best educational outcomes for our kids -- from pre-K on up to high school and college.
  • We have to support our small businesses and striving entrepreneurs - our greatest job creators.
  • We need to fix our roads, bridges, sewers, and electric grid - because why should businesses invest in New Hampshire, if New Hampshire won't invest in New Hampshire?
  • We need a health care system that's stable, affordable, and accessible - including becoming a national leader in preventing and treating substance abuse and addiction.

We have so much to do. But if we recognize that we're all in this together, we can get it done.

We can make New Hampshire the best place in America to start and raise a family, and the best place to start and grow a business. We will aspire to be the example of what America, at our best, can be.

That's why I'm running for Governor.

Will you chip in right now -- on Day One -- and join me in building this movement for the future of New Hampshire?

I'm fired up. Let's do it!